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Hi, everyone!


My name is Bre and I am a professional ESL teacher (online and off). I've been teaching ESL for over 4 years and love meeting new people. I have students from all over the world, as you may imagine, and am always fascinated when I learn about their cultures and traditions.


In the past, people have decided NOT to take professional classes because they cannot afford them. To me, price should not be a barrier between a person and their personal improvement. So, to help those who would like to get some help, but cannot afford it, I started The English Exchange (also known as E2).


I'll be conducting contests (called E2Kons) for members to enter in order to try and "win" FREE group sessions with me. The sessions will be online via Skype and last between 30-60 minutes. Winners (or E2Konners) will be chosen based on completeness of their entries and their enthusiasm. ALL Konners will be listed on this site, under the discussion E2Kons. So check back often when you enter a Kon.


Be sure to communicate with your fellow members, and me, and use this group as a study tool for improving your American language skills!


Good luck! :)

Sep 1, 2012 8:48 PM
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No, I didn't think of GooglePlus. I'll check into it, for sure. Thanks for suggesting this, ariel_esteban! Smile

September 1, 2012

OH thank you very much for this, but, have you considerer to do the session in the hangout of google plus? it seems it works much better and also you can add apps.

September 1, 2012
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