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Sep 1, 2012 8:53 PM
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My name is Alexandr. I'm from Russia. My time zone is GMT+4.

I work in engeneering company. I like spending time with my famaly, traveling and, of course, learning English.

I started learn English 10 month ago for communication with foregn partners and also I'd want to know more about American culture.

My first goal is good level of English. I mean certain level in standardized English tests (e.g. C2 in CEF).

I need help  in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

September 5, 2012

My name is Abdulateaf Satti, I was born in northern Sudan in small village near Dongola, the capital of northern state in 1980. I graduated from Khartoum University as mechanical engineer, currently I am working for Sudanese Petroleum Corporation.
 I am looking forward to Iprove my English; I am not good enough in speaking and listening.
I will be glad if I have the chance to help anyone to learn Arabic.
My time Zone is: GT +2:00


September 3, 2012

My name is Ariel and I live in Santiago, Chile. But I was born in Valparaíso. My time zone is GMT-4:00. I'm doing my thesis in Civil Geographical Enginneering. My hobbies are the music, so I'm studying piano and also I like to sing. Of course, one of my hobbies are learn languages. In the University I had to take English in 2 semesters, so since then I've been keep practicing and learning it. As I started to learn it I want to take it at a good level, that's is why my goals are to be able to understand, speak it very well , I mean be able to have a normal conversation with a native speaker. And also, be capable to read novels at English.

Well, I need help in the all areas. But, I wanna start with learning idioms and improve my speaking. And, I'm looking to learn a lot with someone isn't afraid to tell me what my mistakes are and help me to fix them.

September 2, 2012

I'll go first.


My name is Bre and I live in New Mexico (USA), but was born and raised in Ohio. My time zone is GMT -7:00. I teach ESL, of course, but also teach dance, gymnastics, acting, art, and creative writing. My hobbies are dance, listening to KAT-TUN, Art History,  and spending time with my sister. I've always loved English and started writing plays when I was in first grade. From there, it was a normal American education. I am the official editor of two up-and-coming American writers and excel at Academic Writing. My ultimate goals in English are: 1) to teach ESL in Japan and Italy; 2) to build a reputation around the world as a high-quality, caring and supportive ESL teacher; 3) to help anyone who wants to improve their English skills. I look forward to our group growing in numbers and sharing all of our wonderful backgrounds. Hopefully, this group will be greatly diverse!

September 1, 2012
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