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Survival Japanese [15] Dokodesuka? Asking about a direction or place. Beginner's level

We learned "(お)惣菜:(O)sozai" last week. So let's learn how to ask where the "お惣菜コーナー: Osozai kohnah" is.

When we ask "where", we use "どこ: Doko". Do you remember about "...か?:...ka?" is used for questions. The particle "...か。...ka." usually follows a auxillary verb in this case "です。:desu". Now you make a phrase "どこ です か。Doko desu ka." that means "Where is (it)?". Then we want to ask about the place (section) of "お惣菜コーナー: Osouzai kohnah", we will say "お惣菜コーナーは どこ です か。: Osouzai kohnah wa doko desu ka?" The "...は" pronounced as "...wa" with the "お惣菜コーナー: Osouzai kohnah" is a particle for showing the limitation or emphasis of the noun. Because the "お惣菜コーナー: Osouzai kohnah" is THE place that you want to go, you should use "...は:...wa" with the noun.

Anyhow, this is one of the ways to ask a place or direction.

[場所: Basho] は どこ です か。

[(the) place] wa doko desu ka.


There are other examples using "...は どこ です か。:... wa doko desu ka."


Yoshinoya wa doko desu ka.



Anata no ie wa doko desu ka.

your+house: Anata no+ie (sometimes pronounces as "uchi")



"supermarket" wa doko desu ka.

It is asking about supermarkets in general.



"Hotel" wa doko desu ka.



"Restaurant" wa doko desu ka.



Otearai wa doko desu ka.

お手洗い(Otearai) :a rest room (in public) or bathroom/toilet toom (at home)



Shokudou wa doko desu ka.

食堂(shokudou): a place to eat or be served/serve food. It sometimes indicates restaurants.


In our next discussion, we will learn about the expected answers about this question, "...はどこですか?... wa doko desu ka?"


Review with 音(Oto)

Oto: sounds

This is the set of flashcards of "Doko desu ka?" which we learned today.

The accent in the second you listen is more natural Japanese.

Review quiz

Can you remember how to ask where your friend's house is?


The answer is in this text above. ;)

Questions? Comments? Requests? Typos? Correction?





Sep 2, 2012 12:45 AM
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