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App or web platform to practice speaking English?



My name is Piotrek. I'm from Poland and I've been learning English for the last few years. 


I'm looking for an app (Android) or a web platform / service / networking site that would make it easier to find a conversation partner. I want to easily and quickly find someone to practice speaking English - ideally someone who is at the same language level and is interested in similar things (e.g. likes similar music).


Do you know of any such apps or platforms? Please give me your recommendations / links. Are there any good ones? Which do you recommend? Which ones do you use? Why? 


Thanks in advance.

Sep 5, 2012 9:16 AM
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Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes, I know I can find language partners here and on other forums as well - BUT:


1. Wouldn't it be nice if you could have a dedicated app or platform that would suggest language partners to you? For example, based on your interestes or language level?


2. The process of finding language partners is tiresome - you have to find somebody who is online. If this is a native speaker, you have to pay him or her. If this is a learner, you don't know anything about suach a person - it's difficult to start a conversation. I'm not interested in meeting random people - I want to speak to people whom I can relate to, who share my interests. I would definitely be more open and willing to talk.


3. Come on, this is 21st century - there's a ton of apps and services available - there must be one that meets my demands. Maybe I'm looking for a perfect one - but why not?

September 8, 2012

Are you having problems finding language partners here on iTalki? There are lots of people who would love to have an English language partner; you can find them under language partners. Some learners, though, may want to speak with a native speaker; however, you can always find someone who speaks English but wants to learn your native tongue. Let me know what's been giving you difficulty in finding language partners; I may be able to help. :)


Here's a start on some possibilities:

September 5, 2012
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