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Please help me to translate this song

I like this song very much. but my English is too poor.  could Can you help me to translate it. Thank you.


Great job for being courageous.  Actually, it is not bad at all.  What you really need is major polishing.


只如初见Just like first sign Just like seeing you the first time.


倾我一生一世念 来如飞花散似烟Miss you with whole life,(The beautiful time with you)comes quickly like flying flowers and disappears rapidly as scattering smoke.

Pouring out my life, my memories are like flowers blowing in the wind, disappearing quickly like mists.


梦萦云荒第几篇 风沙滚滚去天边Being lost in unreal world, in real life the sand had been away to the horizon with wind. Dreams of entanglement I can write in pages. Desolation like sand blown to the edges of the world.


醉里不知年华限 当时月下舞连翩Dont know time was running out in drinking days. Still remember danceing trippingly in the dim moonlight In dreams, know not of the short-lived youth. Once a upon a time dancing under the moon.


又见海上花如雪 几轮春光葬枯颜In a trance, seeing the white flowers bloom on the sea like snow, in a few years, the appearance has become old as withered grass Again I see ocean waves frothing white as snow, a few springtime passes and this withered face needs to be buried.


清风不解语 翻开发黄书The wind cant understand my thought, but open the old book. It makes me think of the dream. The fresh breath of air understand me not. For it only knows how to turn the yellowed pages of this book of mine.


梦中身朝生暮死一夕恋In the dream, born in the morning, die at nightfall and a day love.

In dreams, born of the morn, death by dusk, one day of love.


一样花开一千年 独看沧海化桑田Like a flower open one thousand years, looking the sea change Kuwata by oneself. Like a flower that blooms once in a thousand years, in solitude to see the ever changing affairs of men [lit. ocean turned into mulberry fields. There is also a Greek myth but the meaning is the totally different]


一笑望穿一千年 几回知君到人间One of your smile accompanied me to wait for one thousand years. Tell myself many times,you were back to the world One smile and I thoroughly understood the thousand years, how many times I know my beloved had returned to the mortal world.


千载相逢如初见Meeting you once again, the acquaintance of one thousand years, just like first sign.

A thousand times we meet, just like the first one. 

Sep 6, 2012 11:54 AM
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Great guess.

September 14, 2012

Perhaps she meant "sight".  :)

September 14, 2012



September 14, 2012


September 14, 2012

为什么用first sign译“初见"?我真的孤陋寡闻了?有没有找得到证据?

September 13, 2012
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