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The Calico Dragon

This was inspired from this 1935 cartoon, "The Calico Dragon" and the song, "Paper Moon"


A paper boat sailing on a make believe ocean.

If you believe hard in it,

A mighty liner cruising the ocean blue.

A muslim moon, arching over the cardboard sky,

If you truly believe in it,

A silvery moon hanging over an autumn heaven.


Fields of patchwork quilt,

Mountain ranges of your fleecy pillows,

And valleys of your undulating blanket.

Step into a world of make believe for a respite.


Linger not too long in this opiate world,

For you may not return.

Enter but once in a while,

But never a denizen will you be.

For in the end,

Nothingness you'll become.


06 Sep 12

Sep 6, 2012 9:34 PM
Comments · 27

There is always beauty in every language, that is if you can express it well. You are a master of your medium.  Truly opens the eyes of those wishing to enter.

September 10, 2012

Thank you Jeff! I am flattered immensely. Embarassed Actually it is the original one that is good. Only in this way can I be inspired.

September 10, 2012

Master Poetress! You have every word, every sentence and all its nuaces down to a "T".

September 10, 2012

Actually, there is nothing about Buddhist philosophy etc here at all.  It's man's longing for the fantasy and play make-believe.  However, in the end, when we try to overcome what is not realistic for us (by not being honest to oneself), everything is nothing.


Especially here in Hollywood where everyone aspiring young person wants to become a famous actor.  How many dreams did become reality?  Still I have these two friends... clinging onto their unrealistic dream...  Time passes and they will still be waiting on tables, trying to hope their chance will come.  Then I have another theatre major friend, he realized his limitation and switch to a more realistic dream.  Now that that he has more resources at his disposal, he went back to his old love, although not exactly what he had wanted, at least, he was back doing something he loved as a hobby and not have to 憂柴憂米.

September 10, 2012

make-believe", "make believe" has many levels of meanings depending on the context.  No matter what it may actually mean, you get the idea from the context.  Ambiguity is what makes poems feel magical :)

September 10, 2012
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