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Can't you play piano? What is the answer if you can play? What isthe answer if you can't play?
Sep 6, 2012 9:45 PM
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Questions asked in the negative are often confusing. In addition, in some cultures, there is a tendency to avoid disagreement and use of the word "no". For example, I asked, "If I share the secret, you won't tell, will you?" A Chinese person will often respond "yes". Of course, the expected answer is "no". Therefore, to be clear, a person must say more than a simple yes or no. "Can't you play the piano?" "Yes, I can." "No, I can't."
September 6, 2012
yes (I can) No (I can't) this question means very nearly same as "you can play piano, right?", it's being bit less presumptuous, more polite, than "can you play a piano?" However, if this negation confuses you, you can avoid using yes/no answer altogether and go with "I can" or "I can't"
September 6, 2012
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