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詞:王力宏、崔惟楷  曲:王力宏  編:王力宏 


1 當司機 搬東西 幫妳開車門

Acting as your driver, moving things, opening the car door for you.

2 傳隨到陪你逛街 希望你認真 

Always there to shop with you, hope you're serious (with me)

3 你跟別人玩耍 叫我在家愣 

You play around with others, leaving me home alone

4 餵著你的哈士奇 還聽牠說我笨 

Feeding your Husky and hearing it call me dumb

5 我不想讀你的腳本 不想讓你動我的嘴巴 

I don't want to read your scripts and let you move my mouth

6 我不想往身上綁線 不想當你的玩偶~玩偶 

I don't want to be tied with strings, don't want to be your puppet~puppet

7 送你禮物鮮花 幫你修電燈 

Giving you gifts and fresh flowers, helping you fix the lights

8 帶你上山陪你烤肉 還解不了悶 

Taking you to the mountains and barbequing with you, but still bored

9 每天每天痴等 是我太遲鈍 

Keeping waiting for you everyday, am I too dull and slow?

10 想做你的情人 可是感覺像光棍 

I Want to be your lover, but would feel like I'm still single

11 我不想照你的規則 在你的指間 No 

I don't want to play by your rules, between your fingers, NO


Don't want to be your puppet

Sep 8, 2012 4:19 PM
Comments · 6

I have to admit that "chauffeur" is a new word for me, which is definately better than driver and fit her perfectly. Good word!



September 17, 2012


3.  Here's a great slang to use in this context.  "leaving me home shooting blanks".  There can be the literal meaning and a figurative one.


5.  These are worse than your original :(


6.  "toy puppet" not "puppet toy".  Don't ask me why. Though not exactly accurate but is better, "boy toy".


10. It means a "scammer", "a con man" etc.


11.  Take your time :)

September 13, 2012

1.  I was thinking more on the lines of a noun.  You used "driver" in the beginning... So you should follow the pattern and use a noun that describes the action.  "You think I'm your chauffeur, a ???, a??? for you?" Using "chauffeur" is better than a driver.  More sarcasm because this implies that she's rich & powerful which in reality is not.  She's just acts like one.


2.  "Hope you are serious" is too polite and does not have the same feel when translated into English.  We need to have a rhetoric question or statement here.  Here are a number of possibilities.  "Hope you are NOT serious!".  "You kidding?", "Are you serious?", "Surely you jest!", "God! You ARE serious!"

September 13, 2012

4.  Not too clear. I have to read it twice to get its meaning.

5.  "let you move my mouth" is awkward. Can you think of another way? lift my jaw? pull my jaw string?

6.  玩偶 needs a better translation than just a puppet. Translation is too watered down. Add an adjective? Your puppet toy? Your string puppet?

7.  Correct translation but the feel is lost.

10.  If this is a Cantonese song, 光惃 takes on a whole new meaning :) really?

11. "between your fingers" makes no sense in English. Can you think of an equivalent English idiom? Exactly, but it is hard to think of a better one, I need more time:)

September 13, 2012


Hello Jeff,


Thanks for your valuable feedback, your input really makes my brain move into top gear,which generates heat to make my brain cells more active. 


1. Needs a better way to express, "moving things" relocate or shift?

2.  You need a better way to express "hope you are serious with me". Try putting it in a negative form. Hope you are not playing with me? playing with my feelings?

3.愣 = alone? Is this what it means in current Chinese slang?愣 = 发呆, carried away? lost in my mind? but they don't seem to fit in here.



September 13, 2012
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