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一直以来我的英语都学的不是很好,能看懂一些英语文章,但是听不懂,不会说也不敢说。现在要考研究生了,但是英语成了我最大的障碍。这让我感觉到非常烦恼。我想要学好英语,更多的不是为了考试,而是为了能够读懂国外关于音乐理论的第一手资料。现在我想知道应该怎么样去提高英语水平。希望能有人教教我.谢谢!I have been learning English are not very good, can read some articles in English, but do not know how to listen, would not say do not dare say. Now to test students, but my English has become the biggest obstacle. I feel this very problem. I want to learn English well, more is not to test, but in order to understand music theory abroad on the first-hand information. Now I would like to know how to improve the standard of English. It was the hope to teach me. Thank you!

Aug 28, 2008 6:28 AM
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i think this knowledge will help you

good luck
September 3, 2008
i think the best way to improve your english is to read english passage with the tape, do not read after the video but to read the same words at the same time,it is very usually if you insist on ^_^i have try in,believe me it works.
do not wait to talk to foreigner ,sometime you can talk with yourself :)
August 29, 2008

I dont know your name... Do you have English Name?
I think to improve your english skills you have to practice with someone who can speak English good. Just be patient to learn and you will see the good results later.
Try to find some English Audios. It will be very difficult to hear but just try your best. First, try to realize the words in the conversation. Then, you move to guess their meaning what they talk about???
Some information to share with you. Hope you will receive more supports.
August 28, 2008
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