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What is the best?

Thinking about it, what is thE best thing to do in this life? I mean we all have different opinions but I wanna see what is the plot of this survey. Please feel free to share. :)


Sep 11, 2012 2:58 AM
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*that is my opinion of course. 

Thnk u for sharing.  :)

September 11, 2012

my** opinion :)


September 11, 2012

i think the best thing ever is having new friends,,,

and knowing new cultures all around the world,,

thats mu opinion ofcourse!!

it helps alooot in travelling,too..!!

September 11, 2012

No clarification needed. Sunny I'm talking about anything. It's ur own view. 

September 11, 2012

Just live a life that leaves no trace of hatred. To be good doesn't mean you have to be lionised, but do all within your power to help others and make the best use of your abilities to make life easier for another ones by lavishly offering them. Put it simply, don't be mean either financially or intellectually. This is the only way you can bring yourself a complete satisfaction and be blessed now and hereafter.

September 11, 2012
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