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I want to learn Urdu (。>0<。) I'm Japanese.  I can’t study Uudu in many ways.

I am looking for someone who can teach me Urdu (^-^) but...I'm not good at English..(+_+)

Sep 12, 2012 3:43 PM
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Hello Chocoruna,   In fact it depends on your interest  as how much you are 

incline to learn a Language. If you are really interested in learning Urdu, while

placing your first step on the staircase  and following the initial guidelines of your

tutor, you will certainly receive a good track of learning. As you have mentioned

that your English is not good, please keep it in mind that  while learning Urdu 

only initial English is required. Keeping you interest high, please start your 

Urdu classes.





September 13, 2012
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