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E2Kon 1: Results

Hi everyone!


We had our first E2Kon today and it went extremely well. We discussed what I am hoping to accomplish with the Kons, as well as what the members would like to accomplish from attending them. We also had a little bit of practice in reading, pronunciation, and spontaneous speech. Every attendee had the chance to speak several times, participate in the conversation, vocalize their thoughts and ideas, and get some useful feedback for the improvement of their language skills.


IF you did not attend tonight's session, and still would like to participate, here's your chance! Simply respond to the following questions:


1)  What do you hope to accomplish by attending the E2Kons?

2)  What areas do you wish to improve in your language skills?

3)  How often - if given the choice - would you like to meet in class?

4)  Is 10:30pm GMT-7:00 a good time? (If not, what would be a good time?)


I look forward to hearing from those members that couldn't attend tonight's Kon; hopefully, you can attend the next one!



Thanks to everyone who "did" attend E2Kon #1!! I know that we'll make progress in your goals and that each of you will succeed. Together, we can definitely make a difference! Laughing


Sep 15, 2012 7:52 AM
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I'm interesting in women affairs, equality, gender, religion, politics.

The time is good for me and I'm free every day at this time.

Thank you.

September 23, 2012
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