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Is human a creator of his destiny?

Or maybe our life is already "written" somewhere? Or, probably we are the co-creators of our destiny? It's just interesting to me to know what do people of different cultures think about it.

Sep 19, 2012 11:22 AM
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As far as my life is concerned, I'm the creater of my own reality. Cool


And my reality is created based on what I'm giving my attention to and how I feel.  Hence, it is important for me to pay attention to my thoughts and to my emotions, otherwise life becomes a bit out of control. Wink

September 19, 2012

ı think we build our destiny. otherwise, what s point of life? if the one who makes the choices is not us why are we living?

 if you think opposite then there is no mean to live. in other words if you want continue to your life then you have to accept that and think like that.


September 19, 2012
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