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your mother or father???

Well....I know that you love them both...but to be honest I love my mum more than my dad...I don't know why? maybe coz I am a female and I am closer to my mum...What about you? Who do you love more and why? BE HONEST :)


Thanks for your comments in advance .

Sep 19, 2012 8:02 PM
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Mama more and more than any body else and forever

September 28, 2012

I'm closer to my mum who I think is the best mum in the world.  She is kind-hearted and considerate.  However, that is not too fair to my dad.  He is the bread winner in the family.  He has to work hard outside, so he cannot pay full attention to his children like my mum does.  I love them both.

September 23, 2012



I've noticed that almost everybody loves more the mother than the father.


I agree it's difficult to choose, and we love both of them, even though differently.

But in my case, it's not that i love him more, but i am closer to my father, because my mother is strong, temperamental, arrogant, difficult to deal with. On the other hand, my father was the one who always cared, shy, and calm. They both care and love me, but my nature is more similar to my father.



September 23, 2012

in my case the answer is easy: I don't love my father at all because of all he's done in my life. fortunately there's been my mom that will be always loved by me.

September 23, 2012

I love both because in different situation I need to get best feelings from both of them , when I 'm unhappy my mum can help me more but when I need to be brave and confident  for example in driving my father gives me courage ;)

September 23, 2012
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