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What would you like to ask God?

What would you like to ask God?

Sep 19, 2012 10:31 PM
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This may seem a bit harsh and maybe even slightly disrespectful but if I had to answer this honestly I would ask God if he was drunk when he made us.

I mean think abou this for a moment. 

A perfect being, like God is supposed to be, created incredibly imperfect beings, like us, supposedly in his image.

Why would a perfect being make such colassal mistakes? 

1. We do each other harm.
2. We allow others to suffer. 
3. Our bodies are extremely frail and prone not only to injury but disease as well.

Is this his idea of his own image?

I get answers like,

1. God has a plan we will never understand.
2. God is perfect but man is not.

Well, if he has a plan for us it must be a doozy because if you look at the last few thousand years he seems to be playing one heck of a cruel game with mankind.

If he is perfect then why aren't we? Why would a perfect being create such imperfection? 

I would like an answer to that. From him...not from anyone else because none of you have the answer.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha 

December 15, 2012

i would ask how this world really created and many other secret in universe... or maybe i would ask how could God exist in a first place?

December 18, 2012

Are U a girl?

December 15, 2012

Why did you make a thing called 'luck' ?

December 15, 2012

How can I will be a god :)

December 15, 2012
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