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what is your opinion about culture value? could you write down your name and your country ?you can answer your question from the way of police regulation , geography,history,ang so on ,thank you !!!
22 de sep de 2012 4:41
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Im from Malaysia. We have a unique cultures in Malaysia. The culture of Malaysia draws on the varied cultures of the different people of Malaysia. Malaysia consists of two distinct geographical regions, Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia. There are many ethnic groups in Malaysia such Malay, Chinese, Indian, Sarawakian, Sabahans. In Sarawak dan Sabah, n most known by the oversea as North Borneo, there are many different types of ethnic groups. Although we came from a different ethnic, the language had made us 1. We value our culture and we proud of it. Anyone wants to know more about Malaysia, do visit us! =)

24 de Septiembre de 2012

Your culture is who  you are, and also we need to be open to other cultures. If you leave in another country is acepting the new culture and at the same time (at home) keep your culture, of you speak 2 lang. have the kids speak the parents native language at home, also cook native food. Peope need to value their culture, so they dont 4get where they come from.

24 de Septiembre de 2012
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