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Craig Mansfield



it is what it is


I'll recommend the site to people who could benefit from it, it's still a good place to come, to meet people who are willing to help.


The people who run italki, letting me speak or not, isn't any concern of mine anymore.

I've got more important things to do.


It's a good site for language students, anyone I meet who needs a site like this, I'll point them to it.


I can speak English, very well, if they don't want me to help people who can't speak English very well, it seems to be shooting themselves in the foot.
Well, their feet belong to them, they can shoot themselves if they want to.


I'm helping friends here, all the time, in messages, but the rest of you don't get to read it, or learn from it.


Like I say, I'm not suffering, I can speak English.

Sep 24, 2012 1:28 PM
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What would Mitten say?

October 1, 2012

I know. Be always happy please, Craig.

September 25, 2012
Craig Mansfield
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