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Theory of Evolution or Theory of Creation?

Which one do you believe in? Theory of Evolution which says that humans came from apes which came from a cellula billions of years ago or Theory of Creation which says that God created us? and why? Support your answer.

Sep 25, 2012 12:16 PM
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@celesterios Science and religion isn't a black-and-white thing, both can occupy the same side of argument. Science is by nature not a belief/faith since it's based on endless curiosity in it's pursuit of truth and religion on total, unquestioning submission. Religions are merely mortals' interpretations of divine truth (ergo there are lots of it) and science is a compilation of natural laws. Pitting your faith against nature is never a good idea. That being said, if we look into humanity's history, we will notice that countless dogmas/interprerations that were against facts and natural evidences slowly faded away, and be replaced. We can now be sure that there are no Zeus and Apollo and other gods on top of Mt. Olympus, there is no huge tree that supports the Earth and all creations, that the Earth is elliptical and orbits sun, that the sun doesn't set into a muddy place etc. Someday humanity will look into history and treat interpretations that are against science and facts the same way we now treat Greek myths, Nordic lores, geocentrism, and flat Earthism.
September 28, 2012


How can there be more than one truth? Shouldn't it just be white or black, an obvious answer? That's what most people hope for in order to have the peace of mind of knowledge and truth, however there is a gray area in every situation. I agree with Lizy when she says "Evolution is just another religion/belief system". People use evolution as their form of truth, while others use creation as their truth. There is no right or wrong, because bottom line is we all are living an exist. This is obvious because of the presence of "the other". Without each other there would be no truth because there would be no way for you to confirm your existence.

September 26, 2012

I grew up being taught that God did in fact create the heavens and the earth, but with time I have been taught otherwise. In Biology we learn of course about the theory of evolution. With this implanted in my mind now, it makes me reconsider the idea of creation. I feel as though everyone is in search for the truth so they will do whatever it takes in order to prove something. With that being said, people cling to whatever they are typically taught and believe. Notice that both of these ideals are simply "theories" therfore neither one is proven to for sure be true, however each is supported in their own proving way.

September 26, 2012

 I believe in the theory of creation, if you look around the world everything thing in the world has a creator and if that is the case who are we to say that we dont have a creator?

September 26, 2012

As an ordinary person which is not professional in Biology and stuff, theory of evolution sounds reasonalbe to me.

But I can hardly believe that there was a day that Adam fell in to the earth! or stuff like that. I think these stories in different religions are all symbolic and they have not happened necessarily.



September 26, 2012
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