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Your language has a preposition??

I study English. English has a lot of prepoition. It makes me crazy..!! I don't know, Where& when& what i use. ur language has this type of grammar??

Sep 25, 2012 9:29 PM
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Modern European languages usually have a lot of prepositions. Oddly enough, really similar and related languages use the same preposition in different ways, like "para" in Portuguese and Spanish. As for Korean, even though it has no prepositions it does have a lot of particles, which are basically the same thing and have the same function. For instance, 에/에서/로/를,을/가,이/처럼/는,은,/하고/(이)랑/한테 etc. are as difficult and confusing as the English prepositions are! haha

September 26, 2012

oh.. really.. haha ok, I have to know it.Embarassed

September 26, 2012

you have to know that english is a little easier than french even if there are a lot of preposition in english

September 25, 2012
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