Something special in your life

I celebrate my birtday the same day than my father. It is the most special thing in my life and in the same time very funny. What about you?

26 ก.ย. 2012 เวลา 11:16
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GOD !!!

26 กันยายน 2012

Me too, I celebrate birthday with my parent too. Sometimes Mother's day the same with us. So we celebrated together. I did not like it while I was a kid. It is not like for me.

humm.. I can not remember something special now.......

26 กันยายน 2012

My most special day was being present when my first son was born. For the first three months, babies tend to be just blobs. But to me, he was and is still fascinating. He provided hours of quiet fascinated amusement just to watch.

26 กันยายน 2012
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