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How to improve language skill ?

I have learned Englis many years but it is still a barrier in oral and listening. Some one likes to memorize an english word dictionary to accumulate many words and I deem it is neccessary to be helpful. What I wondered how a child speaks his native language very well before he enters in school. You know , even he has never learned any words but just listening what his parent or others said. That is , the enviroment around him is the point. then the question comes -- how to imporve your language skill if there is no proper condition around you ?

Sep 26, 2012 2:53 PM
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Are you looking for a teacher, or just someone to chat with?   I have recently returned to US from China, where I taught university-level Oral English, and I am now accepting new students.


I am against memorizing dictionaries, because you won't remember the words if you do not use them frequently in your conversations.



If you only want to be a free language partner with other students, that’s ok.  When you want some professional help, let me know.


October 24, 2012
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