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Wedding Customs

Hello Everyone,

I'm getting married next year and my fiancé and I come from different ethnic backgrounds. We have different customs we'd like to incorporate into our wedding as a way to honour our families. It got me thinking about how weddings are celebrated in different parts of the world! What does a wedding look like in your country?

Sep 28, 2012 5:54 AM
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In my counry wedding s more than amazing , and u have alternative to celebarat

we have river cruse as u can spend 4 or 5 nights on the nile and stopp every day morning to make tour and back again to the river tonight their are many kind of celebaret and many kind of show , oriental dance  romantic music some of our traditional song ,and hosbitality cuz wedding s very special and u can go to nobian village to see on the real old fashion , and nobian dance  and natural test

or u can go to other part in my country where the sea and beaches daiving  sweem relax and never forget the seafoud whiche help to support u in your hony moon 

in fact their are many things but i think any place u ll spend your time their with your fiance ll be amazing and u make it unforgetable  


September 30, 2012

First of all, congrats!Smile

From where I'm from (Japan), wedding is rather formal and can be boring, to be honest. But I enjoyed wedding receptions I attended because the bride can got to wear several gorgeous dresses (2-3 changes) and special videos about the couples (how they met, their journey to marriage etc) were shown.

In a wedding reception, it is the norm in Japan that the couple have thank-you speeches for their parents, which is very moving. 

September 29, 2012

congratulations Smile


read this for an idea of how our marriages takes place...

September 28, 2012
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