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How to choose between lover and own future

Today I recived an e-mail from HuaZhong Science and Technology University.The teacher told me that I could attend their interviewing.That's a surprise for me.Then I thought of my boyfriend.He wanted me to read inkstone get the  here with him,so I know I must choose one of them now.I desire to go to the different cities When I still young.But now,I don't know what should I do.He is a lovely boy,and he loves me very much.If you were me,what's your choice?

2012年9月29日 11:29
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Honestly, with today's technology it's not as hard as it used to be.


My gf and I have been together for 4 years. Most of the time we were together in the same city, but during those 4 years I lived in India for 6 months, she lived in Ethiopia for 3 months, and right now I'm living in China for a full year. 


It's hard, but with e-mail, Skype, and other things like that it's not that hard to stay in touch, and if you can visit each other every few months for real face-to-face connection (I'm going back to the US for 4 weeks in January) it's definitely possible to stay together even if you have to pursue your dreams and interests separately.


But you both have to want it. If he demands that you stay around and not pursue what you want to do, then I would take that as a bad sign. If someone loves you they don't control you: they try to find a compromise. 


My future. He will undestand my decision and if he trust me, the relationship still can go on no matter how far apart we are. Good luck!


life is not just about making money, its also about keeping relationships especially the ones u care for and ur family...


You can go to school and work in everywhere if you have enough capabilites. But you couldn't find a good friend or a lover in everywhere. Never mind to go the other city and leave your boyfrined. Stay with lover and catch your happiness.


I agree

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