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Maryam Al-Qibthiyah

In my mind Indonesia is a rich country. I will not give the information about Indonesia, my country, more here. But you have to assess my country. Give  comments about my country, badly or goodly. All of your opinions about that. And then, let's do debate for that. Thank you.

Sep 30, 2012 1:07 AM
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you have known so much thing of Indonesia. but our country proclaimed its independence in 1945, not in 1940. but, the dutch recognize that we were freed in 29 dec 1949. Right, that Indonesia is the origin of domestic helpers. But, what did you mean for indomie above?? may be you can explain this :)

Indonesia had been the colony of Japan since 1942-1945. So, Indonesia proclaimed their independence actually not from the dutch,but from Japan.

Yes, many terrorist case happened in indonesia, but i'm fear if the world impute it to the Muslims in Indonesia. I think that's just the subjective assessment.

for the corruption cases, it can't be dodged. 

October 2, 2012

As a Hongkonger, our first impression to Indonesia is the origin of domestic helpers and Indomie.

Indonesia is a Muslim country with lots of cultural heritage.

It has been a Dutch colony, and gained independence in 1940s.

Its economy is booming, and it is a rising power in S.E. Asia. 

However, Indonesia was the base of terrorists and corruption.

The government in your motherland is surely doing something to tackle that problem.

September 30, 2012
thank you Sunny :) but i think you know, that my country is often attacked by the earthquake because of its beautifulness,,
September 30, 2012

I know your country has a great green nature ...

September 30, 2012
Maryam Al-Qibthiyah
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