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Other than money, what else have you gained from your current job ?


1 paź 2012 06:22
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Being a teacher helps me a lot to have a more flexible manner in dealing with people around me and to be more patient and tolerant .It teaches me how to control my emotions in difficult situations .To be a good teacher means to be a good problems solver:)  . Also it makes me be a global person coz teaching makes one  be updated with everything new happens in the world. I have being teaching since 2005 in different schools and institutes, my students are from different age groups ( children , teenagers , adults ) you can't imagine how I become delighted when one of my  ex-students meet me by chance , smiling and greeting me  .. for me it means " You have done it well Ms."  Nothing like helping others to discover themselves and help them to make their life better ..this is the blessing of teaching..this is what I gained the most from my job. Am I talkative ?  sorry ..I can't help it...I am a teacher :P

5 października 2012
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