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Sleepy at Work

I sleep late almost every night. The next day, i will feel very sleepy in the office. This is not a good habit but i just can not sleep early at night.


How about you? How do you overcome if you feel sleepy and not energetic in the office during working hours?

2012년 10월 3일 오전 3:09
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Every person has different sleep needs. Maybe you need to try a "power nap" after lunch?


There's a lot of evidence that a short 15-45 minute nap between 11am-2pm can really help your energy level during the day, and helps you stay away in the afternoon. 


If you can figure out a way to do it at work, it might help.

2012년 10월 8일

Yap. Shuold try this. Thanks.

2012년 10월 8일

I agree with Kuo Jhong, more rest, sleep not less than 8 hours, getting up before 7, at 6 or 6.30am, good music in the morning just for mood, and positive attitude to the next new day is what can help and make ur day goes well not feeling sleepy at all.Kiss

2012년 10월 7일

As my teacher of a cram school said,"when you want to sleep,you can take a pen to stick the leg who is sitting next to you,and then you will be more refresh." HA...

I usually eat gum like airwaves if I'm sleepy, but it doesn't work if I'm really sleepy.

So I think the best way to improve this situation is that takes more rest.

2012년 10월 5일

I am in agreement with coffee. Smile

2012년 10월 5일
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