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can you help me differ the sound of the: the sound of the letter " ö " and " ı " in the words

can you help me differ the sound of the:

the sound of the letter " ö " in the words


the sound of the letter " ı "


* I was doing something for pronunciation of "ö"

is that I get the previous letter "e" sound them end quickly with "o" sound is that something correct to do.


* the letter " ı " have sound of "io" but when I pronounce it like this it comes out as "o" sound and , all my Turkish friend say that I have to say the " ı "  as "e" not "o"

and when i do that it is completely become " ö " , so how can i differ in pronunciation between them [ "ı" and "ö" sounds] also what is the correct thing to do and what to avoid the pronunciation of " ı " become "ö"

Oct 6, 2012 3:02 AM
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ı don't understand perfectly what you mean but if you want to  pronounce ı you must pull your tongue back of your throat for example.the difference between ı and i: ı is a thick letter and it is generally used with a u or o. but i is generally used wite e or ö or (o: u a or ı      ö: i e or ü not always generally)

November 6, 2012

I am not sure that I understand you but I want helping you.Could you explain to me your problem? if you explain again, maybe i understand and help you

November 2, 2012
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