Hi there , i just wanna say somthin very important well at least i see it that important no matter how good u get into any language the trick is how to keep it fluent i mean if u became very good at english u need to always practice even if u not gonna get any better just make sure u wont lose wat u got .. do u guys agree or i missed somthin ? inlight me . thx 

7 de Out de 2012 às 03:48
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couldnt agree more  

22 de Outubro de 2012

i already forget alot of what i have learnt but it's easy to come back to me as soon as i start writing and speaking

20 de Outubro de 2012

yh ppl i know it aint easy been green hehe but at last we do all our best thanks for ur all replies 

20 de Outubro de 2012
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