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a problem with love! I have a problem with love.I always fall in love with girls who they are older than me!I don't find younger girls attractive. what is your idea about such a problem?!
Oct 12, 2012 1:40 AM
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hey it's call love. we don't know when love will starts withwhom it will stars when it starts how it starts love is some amazing feeling. love never mind the age too ts my opinion ::::::::

October 18, 2012

I think loving an older women is very natural. I have many friend who prefer to choose an older women as their girl friend or wife. They choose it because they like the mature women who can understand them much more than the younger or in the same age girls.

October 17, 2012

me and no one else,

He says that he has a problem. Besides this, nobody knows who is who on italki. So, I don't think any problem that we could say directly to someone on this site.

October 14, 2012

 I think this is not a problem also this situation depands on your life . if you get lots of troubles in your life and these problems give lots of things which changing wiev , being patience , feeling emphaty with parthner etc. however people who are the same age , may have easy life so you have no interest to them .in other words people generally get these things in two ways . first ,getting trouble second getting older.p so it s not a problem maybe you are just a little bit more grown up  than people who are the same age ... ( i am sorry about grammer mistakes .p  i m trying improve my writing skills.p)

October 13, 2012

Makdis57!you could say it in a better way, rather than jumping into conclusion and labaling someone abnormal for a few choices made in life

October 13, 2012
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