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Difference between صحراء and صحارى ?

Hi everyone, my grammar book writes both spellings, are they interchangeable? Or is there a specific use for each spelling?



Oct 14, 2012 8:45 AM
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صحاري means " deserts "

صحراء means " a desert "

October 25, 2012


صحاري = [a deserts]=[sahaaree]

الصحاري = [the deserts] = [ a-ssahaaree]

صحراء = [ a desert]= [ sahraa2]

الصحراء= [the desert] = [a-ssahraa2]

October 14, 2012


صحاري = [sahaaree] |ee like in cheep, h special sound between h as in holiday and a sound|, h = ح ; it's plural of the word "desert"  [deserts].

صحراء = [sahraa2] |h as I explained before, and 2 i make it to mean the "a" sound but it's not large, we keep our voice on it, and then you hear "a" in the final; it means " desert.I am sure your book wanna talk to you about making plural in Arabic, it's important, good look with it.


October 14, 2012
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