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why love can become hate and so looseness i love my mom and dad ,but my dad has bad temper ,he always criticize my mom , even be rude to my mom In front of me,i had heart-broken
Oct 16, 2012 2:13 AM
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First let me correct you : "I love my mom and dad ,but my dad has a very bad temper ,he always criticizes my mom and is rude to my her even in front of me. I am heart-broken " Now let me let you know of my take : Love is a very strange thing. It is very difficult to define. It changes with situations and experiences. Two people who go through certain situations can fall in love and as easily certain situations can tear them apart. It is a trait of basic human nature that we are not immune to the situations around us. What we think about any person is to a large extent dependent on that person's behaviour. That behaviour depends on his/her experiences. For the same reason, behaviour can change and so can love. The most important aspect of staying with a person and keeping the relationship alive is to control your ego and adjust. When any one person in a relationship stops adjusting or lets his/her ego go out of control, the relationship breaks down. You should not be heart-broken though it is very difficult not to be. You must understand the situation and learn form it. It will help you take better decisions in your future. Learn that TRUST and RESPECT are often more important than love. So base all your relationships on trust and respect. Love will follow automatically. Without pure love, a relationship can still survive if there is trust and respect. But without them, love will not suffice.
October 16, 2012
Everything is changing. We can find the hidden reasons and then good solutions to solve this problem. Method is important!
October 16, 2012
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