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How much does your life currently depend on the internet?


Oct 18, 2012 6:13 AM
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Private? About 0.1%!


I am a software programmer. When I am in my free time, I hardly touch the computer. Frankly I am getting to dislike computers, they remind me of work, not about something I would enjoy leasure time with. If any friend or familly asks me to look at his computer, because I am 'a computer guy', and he has these problems, I get really really really angry. Apart from that, I spend so many hours behind the computer, I get pain in my neck, shoulders. Even for my health it's better I avoid computers. For example if you write me an email Friday night, I will read it often not sooner then Monday morning.




October 19, 2012


October 19, 2012

90% ,maybe

October 19, 2012

Too much, I think about 85% Undecided

October 18, 2012

i think alot

he he

no i think %45Undecided

October 18, 2012
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