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I am a fun, crazy 23 year old born and raised in Texas, US.

If you are interested in learning or improving your English then feel free to message me or add me on facebook if you find it easier



2012年10月18日 13:02
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I am girl aged 22. I am also looking forward to having a language partner. I hope to practise my poor listening ability. And we can talk frequently and consistently. I am really glad to be your partner.



Hope if you are in a real & serious search of a right English language practicing partner, Here's to share my time with type or voice chat through skype only. I come forward to help you & meet me at


Hello crazy lady, i am from China, and the FB is forbiddened. So it is a pity that i can not add u by FB.


My facebook is :)


I have skype peyton.reid so feel free to add me, I hardly get on there tho but anyone can add me on facebook and I can help you through messages on there or on here, whichever is best for you :)

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