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I need a english book

the book is easy and interest,and can improve my words

19. Okt 2012 00:33
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There are these books called 'Easy Reader'. They have explination of some words inside them on the same page. Some with a picture or a drawing. They are divided in A, B, C, D level. Each level becomming more difficult. For A you should have a knowledge of 600 words to read the novel, for D 2500. They are simplified versions of literature. (Not only English by the way, I used them to study Spanish.)


I've bought them in the bookshop. I do not know if they are available on line. Please google for it.

20. Oktober 2012
19. Oktober 2012
what book?
19. Oktober 2012

A book can help you to study grammar, to enhance your knowledge of anything it is about and good for your reading skill.

For the speaking and listening, you'd better join the club when you can listen and can speak out Tongue Out

19. Oktober 2012
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