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I want to find a foreign friend to teach me English.I can teach him chinese.Embarassed

2012年10月20日 17:33
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"English" is a huge language. What aspect of English do you want to study? What is your current level of English? It might be valuable for you to narrow your focus to one aspect of English , like , say, functional things. For example,

describing your day in detail from morning to evening (past tense)

taking your interests and gaining skills in expressing yourself about them.


That is just one way. Of course just free talking and having a native speaker correct you once in a while is also very valuable. Reading a short article or story and having to answer questions about is nice too.


The main thing is to keep doing something constantly. All your effort will pay off eventually



How much you English?I can help you study chinese.

 I still cant speak english but .I like learning chinese,

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