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Andrea Coyaguillo
I need someone help me to improve my English please....

I am studying English at the University but I think I need more practice because I am going to become an English teacher.

22 de oct de 2012 22:12
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Are you looking for a teacher, or just someone to chat with?   I have recently returned to US from China, where I taught university-level Oral English, and I am now accepting new, online students.


If you only want to be a free language partner with other students, that’s ok.  When you want some professional help, let me know.

25 de Octubre de 2012

Hi Andrea,

If you like I can offer you some speaking practise. I have a speaking package at a very good price and I have already many students so
know typical mistakes to help with.
I also write a language analysis report after the lesson which I will e-mail to you.

Well, if you would like then just feel free to contact me. )


25 de Octubre de 2012

we can becomne friends. i hope we'll help each other


25 de Octubre de 2012

Hi  Andrea >> i'm Muhammad From Syria and now in my country we are in revolution for freedom >>Mybe you dont hear about Syria .. you can google it and read about what happens in syria .. >> if u want ,we can discuss in many subject and help each other to improve our skills in English >>

My Skype : abo.hamza.rev

My Msn :

25 de Octubre de 2012

I would like to practice English with you too. waiting for your request if you are interested in voice chat via skype when I am free .By the way, I have studied it at univ. too :)

25 de Octubre de 2012
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