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our mother

when you are...

3 years: my mother is the best...

7 years: mom, I adore you...

10 years: mom, I love you....

15 years: mom, do not scream!!!!!!!!!!

18 years: I want to leave this house!!!!!

35 years: I want to go back to my mother....

50 years: I do not want to lose you mom...

70 years: How much would I give anything to see you again, mom!....

at what age are we considered adults???

25 oct. 2012 13:31
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We remain children as long as our parents are alive!

9 décembre 2012

I love you always mum even you aren't there in this world.


5 décembre 2012

I want her to forgive me for all the pain I caused. I am sorry ma and I love you!!

30 novembre 2012

Mothers are always the best ;)

25 octobre 2012

In italy we have a motto that say:

A mother can take cure of 100 children.....100 children don't manage take care of one mother...

The mom is the most important thing of our life

23 mai 2013
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