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Help me please to write an article

What are the values of a modern family and what are the characteristics of an ideal family?


Oct 26, 2012 11:52 AM
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Here is some vocabulary for you because no good teacher will write the whole article for you my dear, but we will help you get there as much as we can! :)


modern family values: honesty, respect, trust, good health, cleanliness, kindness

Characteristics of an ideal family: an ideal family consists of people that love each other and support each other. They understand each other and try to resolve arguments without screaming at each other. Ideal families try to be eco-friendly and they recycle as much of their waste as possible. The ideal family frequently spends quality time together. 


So here is a short example. Put this article in your own words and then expand on it with more examples like mine. 


Good luck Tania

January 20, 2013
how can i help
January 20, 2013
how can ı help ???
November 5, 2012

This's really a big question that needs alot to talk about but anyway, Just to be brief I guess it doesn't exist such term called "ideal family" but it could be as close as to be ideal, For that it should come under all the common good manners like love, loyalty, faith etc... All this must be between the family members also another important one is the right role model, We human don't like direct orders and it's pretty obvious in teaching little kids anything So teachings shall come from following a "good" example in the family which is the mother father or both.

October 27, 2012
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