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how to remember Japanese katakana and hiragana?

i'm having trouble memorize Japan Katakana and hiragana,do you guys know how to remember it quickly and don't forget again?

Oct 26, 2012 2:28 PM
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During my school time i am learning steps by steps. Firstly u have to buy some checkered shaped paper, and start writing Hiragana with their exact way. Im starting from making a table containg A, I, U, E, OK-----> Ka, Ki, Ku, Ke, Kok. ------> etc. So my headline on a table should be, A-->Ka-->Sa-->Ta-->Na-->Ha-->Ma-->Ya-->Ra-->Wa-->Ok-->Ng. (did you get what i mean). Then by repeatation, you write it till u memorize. After that shift to Katakana. Note that most of foreign words (not originate from Japanese language ex : our name, etc) mostly using Katakana words. 

November 29, 2012

I remember going through all of this >w< It took me forever to remember all of the letters especially since they're so different from English. But I used mnemonics to remember most of them, but I think the main thing is to practice reading it... a lot. 

November 27, 2012

I started with Hiragana and just remembered them by repetition. I wrote the whole table about twenty times and had it in my head. I learned the order of the lines like this: a (Vowels), then ka-sa (umbrella), ta-na (shelf), ha-ma (harbour) and then ya-ra-wa-n.

I spent some years without knowing katakana, it works. ;) One day I attacked katakana the same way as hiragana, now I got them all in my head and can help my children. :)


November 12, 2012

Oh boy, I've been through this too..

I would find some of the characters you forget and add a really stupid/funny name for it. す doesn't he look like a pimple guy? I remember へ because I think it is too simple and a lame excuse for a hirigana..I say 'he' whenever I see it. り is like い reversed. 

Hirigana was fun but katakana was confusing...
I learned katakana from hours of writing them down and using flashcards for studying.


November 8, 2012

Write to Image word of something in Japanese word   あ≒あめのあ (あめ=candy) い=いしのい(いし≒ stone) う (うまのう) (うま=house) お=おじのお(おじ≒Uncle) and speak up when your writing 

This is Japanese kids when learn hiragara 

katanaka same but some Engish words in Japanese  or country name in Japanese as Speak out when writing Kanatana.

ア=アメリカのあ イ=イタリアのイ etc 

This way is Japanese kids when learn hiragana and katakana. Means fit together with Japanese words and Image Thing or Name your around  



October 26, 2012
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