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E2Kon 5: Reading for MEANING

E2Kon 5 is coming!

This next Kon will deal with the deep understanding of the written word. Because it is not enough to read the text and get the "jist" of the meaning, we need to study the sentence structure and punctuation. By examining text and analyzing the written word, we will elivate our comprehension skills while we better our conversational skills!


The first step toward fluency in English is to understand the nuances in a sentence. To do this, we will read text in class and discuss what the punctuation does in a sentence, its function and meaning; we'll also examine the options of the author and why s/he chose the words they did.





Date:     November 9th, 2012

Time:     10:30 PM (Mountain STANDARD Time, -7:00)

Place:    Virtual classroom - LINK will be sent to those who RSVP



How do you RSVP?

1. Search for a piece of writing online. It can be academic or everyday, and can be on any topic.

2. Reply to this post by using the "comment" button. In the comment, simply post the URL to the text that you have found. (I will be using the texts that you post for our reading and examination discussion!)

By commenting, you'll be RSVP'ing for the E2Kon. It's that simple!



I look forward to seeing you all in the next study group.


Let the posts begin!!




Bre :)

Oct 26, 2012 11:23 PM
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Thank you for your early submissions, Moka and Ariel!! :) I look forward to using your suggestions in class. :D

October 27, 2012
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