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Mila Raido
Why are cats better than dogs? Do you think otherwise?
Oct 27, 2012 5:00 AM
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1. Cats do miaow though and won't stop until you give them what they want. In fact I'm pretty sure that our cat just miaows for attention. A well-trained dog should be quiet on command.

2. Actually, dogs are more likely to warn you when they are going to bite you than a cat is.

3. Yes, cats can climb - ours chooses to climb onto our kitchen cupboards, which a dog would not be able to do.

4. Cats don't eat more food than dogs - depends on the size of the cat vs the size of the dog.

5. Female dogs don't need to raise their leg either, and most males will only do it if they have seen other males doing it.


As others have said, there is no right or wrong answer, it depends on our own personal preference and need.

I do feel, however, that cats think themselves to be better than pretty much everyone and everything. Is it just a question of "I think, therefore I am"?

October 18, 2013

Cats are better because they can think for themselves. 

Dogs can go either incredibly friendly or painfully violent depending on the owner. They can be really helpful but can be slaves too.

Dogs need purposes; cats don't because they have their own standards and no one can touch them. 


(BTW, I love all animals.)

November 10, 2012
Dogs are MUCH better than cats in my humble opinion. They are loyal, faithful and help humans much more than they ask for help. A cat is neither loyal nor does it do much help and asks for a lot of it. A cat acts pricey while a dog is always ready to be of help to its master. A dog can be trained much better than a cat. This is my opinion and I keep dogs in much high regard compared to cats.
October 27, 2012
Because the cats can eat mice and problems solved while the dog can only say to mice with its bark, "Hey dude, back off from my own territory but problems unsolved ))
October 27, 2012

Casts are better than dog because:

1. Cats don't bark like dogs.

2. You do not need fear cats that they will suddenly bite you

3. Cats can climb walls, trees etc.

4. Cats don't eat more food than dogs.

5. Cats can piss without lifting their leg.

Any other idea?

















October 18, 2013
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