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how is the wedding party in your country?

can you explain about that?

let some one know about that in your countrySmile

Oct 30, 2012 3:50 PM
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My country has much tradition for wedding... Each area has own tradition.. like Java Island which carry "Injak Telur"=Hit the egg . . .or Dayak that perform rituals for ancestors..and so on. That's depend on each tribe :)

That's look primitive maybe, but it was our culture...

But, for poeple in big city, usually they follow the style of celebration europe..

November 11, 2012

in iran we also have something as same as you said

but we have 3 days of party but secend day is so important Wink

November 5, 2012

The unmarried girls get together to wait for the bride to throw her bouquet, but they dance around her before. The girl who gets it it's supposed to be the next one to marry. Then the boys also dance around the groom but they carry him and throwing on the air, some even take off his shoes. While the guys do this, a mournful song is played, resembling he's a dead hooked man :)))).... and then the party goes on for as long as the invitees stay. Some even arrange to serve breakfast for those who stay till 6 or 7 am. It really depends on the family type they are. Most of the parties would end by 3 or 4 am if they started at night. There might be other type of parties in other parts of Mx, but that's beyond my knowledge jejeje.

November 4, 2012

In Mexico, there's the church ceremony first (In a Catholic church), the bride and the groom would click pictures there with each family member. Then there's a civil ceremony (that would be the legal marriage) where they sign papers, this can be done at the party venue if you hire the judge to come to this place. Otherwise you have to go to the government office to see the judge. This only takes an hour (In an hour timing people are legally married). The party is usually after the civil ceremony and it doesn't last more than a day. It can be a party during day or at night. There the couple will dance their first dance as husband/wife with whatever song they have chosen. After that, family and friends will come to dance with them, separately. Like father of the bride with the bride and mother of the bride with the groom. like this in pairs. After that other things happen during the party.

November 4, 2012


until morning?Surprised

so long

but thats good


November 4, 2012
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