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How do you know which major is right for you?

Is it ever too late to venture into the medical field of psychology?

Nov 9, 2012 10:00 AM
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In my opinion, it's best advisable to talk to people working in the field and know more about what's really like working the job. I guess you need a reality check when you do something risky, so that you can understand pros and cons. 

Studying can be good for you but eventually, you need to work... will you be able to get money out of your dream job to support yourself? (unless you have rich parents or a husband or whatever)

Believe or not, there are PhDs on welfare in my country. (Lawyers too.) They are very intelligent people with skills and talents but they failed to position themselves in the job market. 

I think age does not matter as long as you are mentally and financially able to realize your plan, you can do it.  



November 10, 2012

Here many female want to learn psychology to spy human's heart but the content is not what they think at first and It's not proud of seeing it. They was told can not creat sick person. But I think it is good for themselves. 

Here are many people also find what they learn is not what will want to do.

And company is afraid of phd, So even they have that. They are not willing to show that . So many people give themselve to second chance to learn others.

My teacher told us that is for ourselves not to earn money.

I would not be misunderstood I think that is enough and some goods is hard to explain for local people. They just think that as gambling. So it is hard to deal with them.

Telling that but they still think about gambling.

I think I will keep on learning to find real intereting one


November 10, 2012

try and learn what is best for u ^^

November 9, 2012


November 9, 2012

if we assume that now you  are 27 years old and you want to work till your 57it means that you have 30 years of your life that you should work in the major that you are expert in it! if you don't like that major it means 30years of your life each days near 8 hours you will not enjoy!

now assume you like medical and it will take 10 years to become master in it,then it means 30-10=20years  working in the field that you really enjoy!


just there is one big problem and it is financial problem through those 10 years you should think if you can deal with it or not! 

November 9, 2012
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