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Kevin 孙
would you rather:

A: be stuck on an island all alone;
B: with one person you hate.

12 lis 2012 08:09
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In this case with person, who I hate, because otherwise I will drive crazy from loneliness and silence....:)))

13 listopada 2012

I'll stay with the one I hate...even he/she hate me too
because I think anyway is better then stay alone :(


13 listopada 2012

definitely with a person I hate, hatred doesn't mean we wouldn't be able make a good relationship in such situations. if we really wouldn't, it'd be great entertainment though ;)

12 listopada 2012

Well it's not really a hateful person, just someone you hate. It's not the same thing. 

12 listopada 2012

I do really hate a person who can speak hate as love.

I rally can stuck on an island alone

She lack to think about something I am sure

All she want that



12 listopada 2012
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