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宋词(Song Ci) - Another classic poetry from Song dynasty



As per your request... - Jeff


如梦令 As If A Dream [Order/Command] / Command For A Dream


常记溪亭日暮,Long have I remembered the pavilon by the stream, from morn to dusk,

沉醉不知归路。In deep stupor that I know not how to return.

兴尽晚回舟,Only upon wakening, do I take the boat home but

误入藕花深处。Only to stumble deep into the lotus blooms.

1渡,争渡,  Struggling, struggling [to get out]...

惊起一滩鸥鹭。Only startling a shoreful of herons into flight.


昨夜雨疏风骤,Last night's gale and storm,

浓睡不消残酒。Deep sleep still unable to dispel my lingering tipsiness.

试问卷帘人2I ask the one rolling up the curtains,

却道海棠3依旧。The crabapple blossoms remained as before, came the reply.

知否?知否?Really? Really?

应是绿肥红瘦。Should be more luxriant in green than in red.



1.  In some sources, 争 = 怎 = how. The person is not fully awakened and has difficulty trying to get out from his predicament.  So "struggling" is an apt translation.  "How? How?" can also be used.  It is understood that he is trying to paddle out of his predicament.


2. 卷帘人 - 侍婢 - servant.  Translating it literally or figuratively is a decision that will be made by the translator's mood.

3. Chinese crabapple blossoms or begonia



Nov 15, 2012 9:23 AM
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That's original, well done!
I searched internet, there is another interpretation but just part of the whole poetry:

如梦令   "LIKE  A  DREAM"
昨夜雨疏风骤, Last  night  the  wind  was  strong  and  rain  was  fine,
浓睡不消残酒。Sound  sleep  did  not  dispel  the  taste  of  wine.
试问卷帘人,   l  ask  the  maid  who’s  rolling  up  the  screen.
却道海棠依旧。“The  same  crad-apple  tree,”she  says,“is  seen.”
知否?知否?   “But  don’t  you  know,   Oh ,don’t  you  know”
应是绿肥红瘦。The  red  should  languish  and  the  green  must  grow!

November 17, 2012

Thanks for sharing this beautiful imagery.  One's imagination can get carried away.  Hopefully my interpretation is correct.  All other's opinions are most welcome.

November 17, 2012
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