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hello every myfriends,coul you tell me when your country do the chrismas day how to celebrate it? guys ..pls tell me how to celebrate it in details......thanks a lot....i need them for teaching children.
Nov 19, 2012 10:20 AM
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In Iran we havn't christmas,but in Norooz in 1th of farvardin is like your christmas.On the tabel we put 7 things that their names start whit (S)such as Sib:apple,Sekke:coin,Sabzeh:grass,Serkeh:vinegar,Somagh:sumac,Senjed:oleaster and Soozan:needle.also we put a mirror,some small red alive fish into a glass and water,row rice and we put 1 or 2 egg that we paint on it for desining on the table and Koran that It Is our religon book.We sit beside the table near eachother.For 1 week we are in this 1 week we shoud go to our reletives and also they should come to our home.In first of the Farvardin most of the Iranian peaple eat Sabzi polo ba mahi for lunch or dinner.when we go to eachothers home we eat nuts.
Sorry for my writting it isn't good.I hope I could help u.Embarassed

November 19, 2012

In Philippines, we celebrate christmas day every december 25.
on the evening of dec. 24th we have this what we call noche buena where every family stays awake to celebrate the coming 25th day. there were also these childrenwho sangs christmas songs in front your door and you can give them some coins. We also have this "simbang gabi" where you have to attend mass that begins as early as 3 o clock am from dec 16-24. If you were able to cattend all the masses, your wish might come true. \those children visit their godfathers/mothers who will give them gifts or even money. Lastly, we also exchange gifts like any other people who celebrate this special day.

I hope thi helps :D 

November 19, 2012
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