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What makes a person NICE?

When people talk about others saying he/she is a nice person what are the qualities you think people refer to?

Nov 21, 2012 8:32 AM
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In my opinion , it relates to the ethics and the mindset.

November 27, 2012

At first I would say person's ethics come first which make people feel praised for him/her. perfomance of sacrifice is also important. If he/she is out of angry, envy or greed he is also able to be praised by others.

November 25, 2012

i think they refers to the qualities which they lack.

November 22, 2012

in general words nice refers to "the thing or character we like"   but in specific terms as according to me is.. behaviour, humanity, sacrifice,respect, passion, nature,piece,and everything which comes direct from heart (our true feelings) where nothing is fake :)

November 22, 2012

Yes.People's intentions matter a lot...its not just good behavior that makes them nice...

November 22, 2012
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