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intellectual property protection

mentioning "intellectual property protection",i believe,most of people are no i want to know how conditions in your countries 

Nov 24, 2012 2:50 AM
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i know many countries like the US,western European have relevant fairly complete laws  and china have legislated relevant laws but i have to acknowledged Tims' words   and i want to know more countries conditions about intellectual property protection.lastly,thanks @Tim  @Shem @RishiRay

November 26, 2012

The West has long been the beneficiary of violating rights of others to increase their own gains. Colonialism is one cruel example. They didn't complain about theft, robbery, murder, slavery that they committed to indigeneous people to which they colonized. They built themselves up by expropirating lands and labor from weaker nations and territories. And now, when everything has to do with competing with them in globalization, when everything has to do with their win and lose, they start accusing people in China and other places of stealing and misusing their intellectual properties. 

November 25, 2012

IP rights protection is very important for every country. Its very much important for the feasibility of R&D activities.


the condition of IPR in my country India is pretty decent i guess as companies whether they are Indian or foreign can easily sue each other in case of any violation like there was a case recent case were an Indian electronic company was sued by a korean company for copying some features of its washing machine while the korean company itself is facing charges from an American company on the same issue...Smile

November 25, 2012

 Intellectual property is strongly protected here. People who sell counterfeit brands and pirated music and movies are regularly arrested and prosecuted here. If I were an author, I wouldn't want anyone printing and selling my books unless I got a royalty payment. Without vigorous enforcement of such laws, there is no way for the rightful owner to reap the rewards of their writings, music or art. Chinese businesses are widely viewed as being among the worst violators of intellectual property laws, and our perception is that even after repeated complaints, China does very little to discourage it, especially if the perpetrator is politically connected. It is nice to see China beginning to enforce these laws, but there is still a long way to go.

November 24, 2012

Monsanto is a huge agricultural company. Among other things, they make seeds for crops, including special hybrids which they patent. Lately, the pollen from crops grown with their seeds has been blown across property lines and fertilized a neighboring farmer's crops. Now Monsanto is suing the neighboring farmers for stealing their product. Hopefully, they will be countersued and this nonsense will be put to an end.


November 24, 2012
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