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Why Men Lose Interest In Great Women?? Why men lose interest in great women??
Aug 31, 2008 6:23 PM
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because he is stupid.

September 23, 2008
there's no perfect woman or pure "great woman", all lie on what man anticipates from his partner.
Usually, I call a man coward who gives up a woman actually attracting him, or means perfect to him ;) He's afraid, she would be too good to him, and couldn't be sure whether he could win and keep her.

Anyway, woman doesn't live on man's interest.. Great woman wouldn't be so silly to spend time in guessing man's thought....
September 2, 2008

In my opinion in this situation there might be 3 cases : is the women fault because  he lost his  interest in her and then we can not say that she is that `` great women`` , right ?
2. the man is an idiot ,and he can not see how great she is ,and he does not deserve her anyway. 
3.both of them have their own piece of guilt and in this situation it was just not meant do be betwen them . 
End of story.

September 1, 2008
Well, personally a great woman is personal traits, perfection from imperfection. its what ultimaty what makes her unique, accepting, trusting, supporting..It's hard to specificly, you know it once you meet in person.

Everyone has each they own set of morals when it comes to relationships I agree..

Life's can be so strange right? ;-)

September 1, 2008
Dear Sarra,
what does "great women" mean for your?
Are u sure men lose interest only in great women?
Why a man lose interest in a woman?
There are many reasons: boredom, habit, love that fade away, delusion, new interest in any other woman...
Who can say?
Sure nothing last forever. Situations change, people have different feelings in different stage of their lives.
Ciao :)
August 31, 2008
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