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Looking for an English partner !

Dear Italki Members,

First of all, i am very glad to join this community, it's a great place to learn a language!

And now, I am looking for a serious partner to share in English! :)
My level is...medium, that's why I really need to practice.
All topics are welcomed, I can also help you in French.
No worries, I am very open, friendly and social, always ready to exchange, to laugh!
I am waiting for you, let me your Skype ID if interested.
PS : I am often connected on Skype from 8pm (France timezone)

Best !

Nov 26, 2012 11:25 PM
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Juste deux, trois petites remarques: Le "I" doit toujours être en majuscule. Sinon il serait plus correct de dire "I am looking for a serious partner with whom I can practice my English" par exemple. Je pense aussi qu'il faut dire "are welcome" au lieu de welcomed dans la phrase qui suit. Et puis autre chose... From 8 pm to quelle heure? (Il ne faut jamais traduire vos phrases mot à mot). Bref, ceci reste qu'un avis parmi d'autres; je peux très bien m'être trompée. (*Best regards!)

November 29, 2012

Salut Guillaume! Je vais t'écrire en anglais, ce sera plus fun pour toi. Laughing

You say your level is medium: according to my experience, this means you get by in most situations but you don't know if what you say is always right. You're able to use three to five verb tenses correctly but you would like to be able to do more, especially as far as vocabulary is concerned.

You can express yourself quite well but you don't really read in English, with the exception of a casual paper article on and off. Am I right? 

November 27, 2012
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